Lesah D. Handford is the Founder and President of PROV 31 Ministries. She is a dynamic speaker that is known to captivate audiences with the fire of God’s anointing! At the tender age of 5, Lesah accepted Jesus Christ into her heart while attending private Christian school, where she remained for the following six years, before going abroad to study at a private Christian boarding and charm school. At the age of 17, she was baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire, and her journey with the fullness of the Holy Spirit and power began! Since 1989,  Lesah has impacted the lives of  men, women, children and youth throughout the world! Her message is one that is filled with revelation, and will compel all of those who hear it, to desire a closer, more intimate relationship with God, with great emphasis on the importance of holiness and living a life that is led totally by the Holy Spirit through God’s Divine Love! For the past 30 years, Lesah has successfully initiated countless outreach programs and efforts to the poor and needy throughout several communities. She also pioneered the Mountain Movers Prayer & Counseling Program to those who suffer depression and are in need of comfort, encouragement and direction. Mountain Movers also has programs for at-risk youth and youth that have found themselves under the pressure of their peers, social media and society.  The ministry offers guidance and support that has drastically transformed the lives of youth both here and abroad.